PTC® Creo® Object Toolkit Java

PTC® Creo® Object TOOLKIT Java

Anpassen und Erweitern der PTC Creo Benutzeroberfläche mit nahtlos eingebetteten, benutzerdefinierten Prozessen

PTC® Creo® Object TOOLKIT Java

With the PTC Creo Object TOOLKIT Java, you can quickly extend the functionality in PTC Creo Parametric and PTC Creo Direct™ and automate repetitive tasks with your custom applications.

PTC Creo Object TOOLKIT Java is a modern Java API to extend, automate, and customize a wide range of functionality from design through manufacturing. You can use this API to integrate PTC Creo Parametric and PTC Creo Direct with your business applications or to automate the production of design and production deliverables, thus improving designer productivity, reducing errors, improving product quality, and gaining a competitive edge.

Key benefits

  • Customize and extend the PTC Creo user interface with seamlessly embedded custom processes
  • Integrate PTC Creo with expert systems, knowledge-based applications, and other business applications
  • Create automated, single-use, or derived designs by external manipulation of geometric and parametric constraints
  • Access peer-to-peer communications for better application diagnosis
  • Improve product quality with design rule verification based on inputs from external solution

Capabilities and specifications

Key features

  • Rich, powerful, and easy to use API
  • Significant reduction in programming complexity – thus improving developer productivity and application quality
  • Packaged with a Graphical UI Editor (PTC Creo UI Editor) to enable you to quickly design new dialogs and generate callback code
  • Customizations are re-usable across PTC Creo Parametric and PTC Creo Direct – thus reducing the development and maintenance costs

PTC® Creo® Object TOOLKIT Java

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